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The pros and cons of working from home

Guest Blogger | May 2, 2013

A 2008 Statistics Canada study showed a correlation between working at home and satisfaction with work-life balance however, working from home isn’t for everyone. When it does suit your situation though, it can be almost glorious. Here are some common pros and cons when considering working from home versus working in an office:


  • Work-life balance;
  • Less or no commuting time;
  • Greater flexibility;
  • Able to manage hours and demands better;
  • Don’t have to get up as early;
  • Fewer interruptions;
  • Less eating out;
  • Often quieter – conducive to innovation and creativity;
  • More productive (proven through numerous studies);
  • Reduction in companies’ real estate costs;
  • No dress code.


  • Hard to set boundaries with family or employer;
  • Need good self-discipline and to be self-motivated;
  • Lack of social interaction;
  • Hard to create routine;
  • Lack of space if don’t have the room;
  • Technology problems;
  • Danger of putting in too many hours or overworking.

Whatever you might choose to do, make the choice based on what works best for you at that time. If deciding to work from home, act like you are at the office and you stand a good chance of being productive.

By Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations, White Rock, BC, imaginepr@shaw.ca