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The value of staying focused

Futurpreneur | March 20, 2012

Stéphane Elie, founder of Symbiose Communication in Longueuil, Quebec, knows that a smart businesses sticks to their vision – even if that means turning down opportunities along the way. A sharp focus has helped Stéphane build Symbiose into what it is today: an inbound/outbound call central with a global reach, employing 120 people and offering services in eight different languages.

Stéphane has this advice for other entrepreneurs:

“When we started Symbiose Communication, the need to provide our customers with a diversified and flexible business offer impacted our company’s direction. This strategic vision allowed us to respond to opportunities and get our first contract. However, we were always careful to remain focused on our specialty and to avoid falling into the trap of accepting all opportunities that came our way. It is extremely important to understand the capacity and limits of your business, never to lose sight of your purpose or specialty, and to avoid interfering in a business sector where your business does not belong. Remember that it is not a bad thing to refuse a contract. When you have to do so, be sure to explain the reasons for making this decision. In the end, you will likely generate a win-win situation for both parties!”

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