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Three ways to learn something new (without doing anything different)

Futurpreneur | August 29, 2011

Rose-Marie Almond, Cobourg, Ontario, CYBF Young Entrepreneur & Mentor

Learning new things doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. There are many ways to pick up new information on a daily basis. You probably do these already without realising it the great potential they have for you and your business.

1. Internet

The internet is no longer limited to the humble PC. Advances in mobile technology means the internet can go with us everywhere, giving us the access to useful information anytime, anyplace.

2. Contacts

Chances are someone you already know will be able to give you the information or skills you need, or at the very least, know someone who can do so. Networking sites such as LinkedIn are set up for exactly this purpose – make use of the introductions available.

3. Pay attention to the news

Learn more about the market and competitors, and get insight into both good and bad business practices. You can learn from other people’s successes or mistakes.