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Tips for a successful entrepreneurial path

Futurpreneur | August 7, 2012

Cinema Works Entertainment founder, Jordan Presseault and his small team of artists specialize in corporate and wedding cinema, and although based in North Bay, Ontario, they produce 90 percent of their work in the Toronto area and have filmed internationally. Their main goal is to break the stereotypes of traditional videography by creating new and exciting forms of storytelling.

As a new entrepreneur, Jordan wanted to share a few things he learned that he wishes he would have known before getting started:

Trust your instincts. Although formal education is nice, know that it isn’t required. If someone has a great idea and the drive to succeed, the various components of entrepreneurship (that they may not be as strong in at the beginning), can be learned as they grow their business.

Get a mentor. Having a business mentor to reach out to for questions and support was a priceless experience for Jordan. There’s no point struggling all alone when you can bounce your ideas off someone who has been in your spot before.

Use all available resources. This is the biggest advice for any entrepreneur. In addition to using a mentor, contact the business centres and resources available in your community. Without them, your business could end up being nothing more than a plan sitting on your desk.

Follow these recommendations and you’ll be more confident and satisfied in your decision to be an entrepreneur!