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Tips & Tools: 4 Tips for Hiring Staff for your Start-up

Futurpreneur | January 16, 2018

Hiring staff is hard for any company, but to build a solid team for a young business is even harder.

Without a Human Resources department and with limited cash flow, it can be difficult to find the right person to take your business to the next level.

So what is the best way to ensure you find the perfect match? Here are a few tips to help you find the best talent for your start-up.

1. Define your workplace culture

In order to assess the personality fit of your future employees, it is crucial to define your workplace culture.

You can start by asking your current staff some questions about your organization and their jobs. Even though you might think they live and breathe the culture and vision of your business, this will help you better understand behaviours and identify patterns.

Asking them questions like, “What would you tell a friend about our organization?” or “What is your favourite thing about our company?” will help ensure that you aren’t just going with candidates that look good on paper but ones that would flawlessly fit into your organization and team.

2. Write a killer job posting

A job posting is no longer a brief summary of the job description including key facts about the role and the company. Nowadays, a job posting is your sales pitch.

To hook the best talent, your ad has to be engaging, attractive and informative. Include elements such as your business’ mission, vision, the workplace and the benefits of working for your company.

Finally, make your ad functional. No one wants to spend hours filling out endless application forms make sure your job posting is user-friendly and readable.

Remember to be yourself, use your own words and keep it simple!

3. Consider hiring your admirers/supporters

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we have all pictured ourselves working at certain companies; thinking we’d be their best employee because of our belief in their brand and vision.

Hiring your company’s admirers and supporters has obvious benefits for your team. After all, someone who is already familiar with and passionate about your brand will be more likely to enjoy working for you and work harder than a less-interested candidate.

Hiring admirers can also be a great marketing tool. An engaged employee can act as a brand advocate, telling their friends how great it is to work for your company and helping you find new employees.

4. Speak at events and network

Speaking at industry events can be a great opportunity to sell your company and its vision to potential future employees.

By explaining your mission and practices in your own words, people will connect to your brand story and realize that your business is exciting and has a great future ahead.

Don’t neglect growing your personal networking as well, as it remains one the best options to find your next superstar employee.

So go out, talk about your business and meet people face-to-face as it is the best way to know if a person fits!

Written by: Charlotte Robert, Bilingual Copywriter, Futurpreneur Canada. In collaboration with Evelyn Salvador, Human Resources Senior Manager at Futurpreneur Canada