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Using seasonal dips in business for brand development and creativity

Futurpreneur | July 17, 2012

Zach Berman and Ryan Slater, founders of The Juice Truck in Vancouver, British Columbia, spent years toying with ideas for going into business together, until a trek through the Himalayas changed everything. They saw locals drinking a nutrient-rich concoction they’d never seen before and wondered how many other worldwide juices existed that they could unveil to Canadians.

The Juice Truck sources the best local produce, supporting organic farming practices, because they believe their customers deserve the most nutritionally complete juice. They offered this advice to other entrepreneurs on surviving, and thriving, through seasonality in business:

Focus on creative marketing. Slower months force you to diversify, so use this time to push new marketing concepts and cross-promotions to maintain a positive buzz around your brand. It also allows time to plan your marketing concepts for the upcoming season.

Introduce new programs or modifications. Roll-out new or modified programs as a way to counteract the slower months. This past winter we introduced ‘mobile mornings,’ where we stopped at various office buildings for events and catering before setting up our fixed location in Gastown. Menu adjustments were also important during the seasons.

Spend time on community outreach. Since this isn’t always possible during peak times, it is important to use the quieter months to garner greater brand recognition and reach before your peak season arrives. Building your reputation within the community is vital to your success year-round so get out there today!