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Using technology to tear down barriers

Futurpreneur | November 6, 2012

TalentEgg, based in Toronto, Ontario, is a job board and online career resource for students and new graduates, providing them with access to meaningful student and entry level career opportunities. Employers use TalentEgg to attract, target and recruit Canada’s top student and new graduate talent.

Founder Lauren Friese said, “A lot of what we were able to do would not have been possible without all the amazing free and nearly-free technology out there,” and she had the following advice about technology for other young and emerging entrepreneurs:

  • Approach your business with fresh eyes. You shouldn’t assume that just because your previous employer used specific software to get things done that you need to as well. Try something new that’s geared to your business needs.
  • Take advantage of free or nearly-free alternatives. Do your research to find alternatives to common business productivity tools – such as phone systems (Skype) or shared documents and calendars (Google Apps for Business, Dropbox etc.) – often, you’ll find that these alternatives are better suited to your needs as a small business.
  • Market yourself on a dime. Maximize your limited resources by leveraging free or nearly-free alternatives to advertising, such as appropriate online platforms (blogging, message boards, etc.) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.). These tools can go a long way in getting the word out there about your business, as well as building and maintaining the networks that keep you going strong.

Technology has torn down barriers for new entrepreneurs who are generally more willing to try new things, and, especially in the early days, have more time than money!