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Weekend Reading List

Futurpreneur | August 28, 2015

It’s time for a roundup of some great content we found over the last few weeks online for entrepreneurs. Need a weekend read? Here is a list to power through and help motivate and inspire this weekend.

The act of mentoring will forever influence what I do – My StartUp
Futurpreneur Board Member, and Founder of Blo Blow Dry Bar, Devon Brooks has devoted much of her time mentoring young entrepreneurs to success. In this article she discusses why she spends time on mentoring, and what the key is to mentoring success.

Why you should follow before you lead and other lessons from a five-time entrepreneur – Financial Post
After having failed businesses, and successful ones, Guillaume has learned a thing or two from his successes, failures and experiences. His approach to entrepreneurship is learning focused which is centered on the “follow the leader” and “confident humility” strategies that have led him to better decision-making and outcomes. Read this article to learn about his approach to entrepreneurship.

Seven reasons your audience isn’t connecting with your brand – Entrepreneur.com
If you don’t connect with your customers in a personal way, you’ll fall behind competitors that do. Aaron Agius discusses what you may be doing wrong for your audience to not be receptive to your messaging and brand in this article on Entrepreneur.com.

Seven traits of great mentors – YouInc
How do you tell whether or not a person is mentoring material or just someone to admire? YouInc identifies some key traits that can help you determine if someone would make a great mentor.

Why I decided to forgo medical school to become an entrepreneur – Business Insider
Donny Zanger thought he had it all figured out—he was going to go to medical school and become a Doctor like everyone else in his family. It wasn’t until one summer when he was trying to make some extra cash did his first company bloom out of his neighbours needing their deck washed. Before he knew it, it was the end of the summer, his business had flourished and he was hooked on the entrepreneurial lifestyle.