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Weekend Reading List

Futurpreneur | January 27, 2017

It’s time for a roundup of some great content we found over the last few weeks online for entrepreneurs. Need a weekend read? Here is a list to power through and help motivate and inspire this weekend.

Ten Tactics for Sticking to Your Small Business Resolutions – Shopify
The first month of a new year is coming to an end, and if you haven’t already, you’re probably starting to wonder why we made those dreaded resolutions. However, there’s always a method to our madness, and these tips from Shopify will help make sure you don’t just kick your resolutions to the sideline.

What to Do When Your Day Goes All Wrong – YouInc 
We’ve all had bad days, it’s natural, but when you’re an entrepreneur sometimes these days can seem more intense. Here are some tips by YouInc on how you can get through it and come out on the other side.

Selling the Best Thing You Have to Offer… Yourself – BDC
All small businesses need sales, but the challenge is that many entrepreneurs aren’t salespeople. BDC talks about a core concept of selling, selling yourself.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Blogging – Entrepreneur
Blogging has become such a popular marketing tactic, however, many businesses aren’t approaching it the right way. Here are seven deadly sins you need to avoid in order to be successful in the blogging world.

Behind the Scenes of Pitching on Dragons’ Den – Futurpreneur
Ever wonder what it’s like to be on Dragons’ Den? Futurpreneur talked with two businesses who have been in the hot seat to share their tips.

Happy reading!