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Weekend Reading List

Futurpreneur | September 30, 2016

It’s time for a roundup of some great content we found over the last few weeks online for entrepreneurs. Need a weekend read? Here is a list to power through and help motivate and inspire this weekend.

Take No for an Answer: Why Rejection is Actually Good for Business – Shopify
Shopify talks to Kit founder, Michael Perry on his entrepreneurial journey and why he didn’t let rejection stop him. Nailing his rejection letters above his desk, and writing the names of every investor who passed on his idea in permanent marker on his wall, rejection was repurposed fuel for Michael.

Don’t Let Personal Problems Affect Your Business – YouInc
When something is going on outside of your business like family problems, having a new baby, or financial difficulties, it can be hard for this to not affect your business. YouInc shares tips on how to help you deal with your personal challenges without letting them take a hit on your business.

Four Ways to Motivate Employees to Achieve Phenomenal Results Every Day – Entrepreneur
Motivating your employees is not always the easiest of tasks, but in order for your business to thrive, it’s important to keep them engaged, productive and happy. Entrepreneur, John Rampton, shares his four tips to help motivate your employees to be phenomenal.

Richard Branson’s Tips for Young Entrepreneurs – Virgin
Pursuing entrepreneurship as a career path isn’t always easy, the ever successful Richard Branson shares some advice from his years of entrepreneurship experience.

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Fetishizing Failure – Canadian Business
For too long entrepreneurs treated failure as a dirty secret, but now, as failure is becoming to be a buzz word in entrepreneurship, less looked down upon and more embraced, it’s creating a problem in itself.

Happy reading!