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What to do in the downtime to get set for peak periods

Futurpreneur | July 16, 2013

In 2012, Melanie Talastas-Soriano decided to open Insahyu Training & Therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba to promote healthy lifestyles through fitness knowledge and prevention and care of sports injuries. They strive to provide exceptional treatment and quality care to active individuals through aggressive rehabilitation and manual therapy, and offer various training programs to active individuals who experienced injury from work and in everyday life. Melanie had the following tips for managing the downtimes in business:

Plan it. Use your downtime to plan your new programs or services. One of the most important tasks you need to do is scheduling the programs or services you are going to offer during your peak periods. More often than not, time is what we don’t have when adjusting our plans, so use your downtime wisely.

Prepare group emails. Be sure to know your target clients for your specific programs or services and create your specific group contacts. Downtimes are the best times to prepare your existing client email lists so that once you are ready to launch your programs or services, everything is done.

Be assertive when marketing. Be sure to advertise months before your new program or service starts. One of the challenges having your own business is to be ahead of your schedule. It is also important to give your clients time to sign up for the programs or services you offer. Scheduling is crucial because you need to be available for your clients’ best available time.

Be excited about it. When you are excited about what you are working on it is easy to plan and execute it, and this will filter down to your clients’ experience with your program or service as well.