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Why networking is critical to your business

Guest Blogger | November 6, 2013

People do business with people. That’s why it’s important to expand your business circle and connect with people who can help your business whether as a customer, a partner, or even a mentor.

Take some time to research business groups, clubs, Chamber of Commerce, related events and other possibilities within your area. Ask to come as a guest to check them out. Make sure to dress the part, be professional and have your business cards ready. Be brave and make the first contact.

In a survey of 800 decision makers, Lewis Schiff, author and executive director of the Inc. Business Owners Council, identified that the most successful business owners believe that networking outside your comfort zone is important.

So increase your success and get out of your comfort zone!  Meet your peers, and even your competitors. Reach out and connect – you might be surprised where a simple interaction can lead.

Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations, White Rock, BC, imaginepr@shaw.ca

Source: www.inc.com/nicole-carter/lewis-schiff-what-the-most-successful-people-have-in-common.html