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Zoom Out. Zoom In.

Futurpreneur | January 2, 2014

Start-up entrepreneurs are constantly evaluating the big picture (is this the right direction?) and the day-to-day tasks (implementation).

This lesson can be applied to writing a business plan:  You assess the right things to include and then provide the details.  Strategy and tactics.

The challenge is to create a learning tool that reflects this process.

I’m happy to say that CYBF has created a Prezi presentation to help you with all the sections of the business plan — from the Company Profile to the Cash Flow.   The interesting thing about this format is the layout.  Prezi’s layout, unlike Power Point, provides a visual on the overview of the presentation, and then with a click of you mouse, you can nose dive into the nitty- gritty details.  Zoom out.  Zoom in.  It makes the presentation fun and easy to follow.

You may not start writing a business plan in a linear fashion but with the sections that you are most comfortable with.   Prezi allows the presenter to choose his/her own path.  In other words, the user can jump around and focus on ideas that are pressing.

The tool is another layer in helping you better understand what it means to work for yourself.

To see how this works click here.

Take a test drive today and “zoom-up” your business idea.

By: Dominik Loncar, Futurpreneur Entrepreneur-in-Residence, dloncar@cybf.ca