Indigenous & Northern communities

Futurpreneur supports and represents various Indigenous communities across Canada. We continue to expand our offerings and resources for Indigenous entrepreneurs by increasing representation within our teams and creating an overall culture of inclusion at every level.

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Danielle Drudge

Goat Auto | Stony Plain, AB

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Futurpreneur success stories

I owe Futurpreneur a huge amount of credit for Enn Taant’s success from the idea stage to launch and beyond. They have provided not only financial support but also avenues to meet fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and many important business connections.

Carolann Robyn Cruz

Enn Taant


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Having capital at the beginning was paramount to get us off the ground. With Futurpreneur’s funding and support in developing business plans and financial models, we were able to meet consumer demand and keep our product thriving in the market…Futurpreneur makes room for passion.

Moirae Choquette

Tomato Wheels


Edmonton, Alberta

With the help of Futurpreneur, we were able to kickstart our business, increase our marketing efforts, and are scaling our operation…We’ve increased our capacity. We’re getting new machines…We’ve already hired new employees.

Sean Rayland-Boubar

Red Rebel Armour


Winnipeg, Manitoba

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In addition to our core startup programs, we have tailored programs for Black and Indigenous entrepreneurs.
Please let us know if you would be eligible for these programs:
I identify as Black
I identify as Indigenous