Ohpikiwin: Journey to financial empowerment

Ohpikiwin means “Growth” in Cree. The Ohpikiwin Workshop Series is designed to provide tools, knowledge and resources while fostering financial resilience through Indigenous perspectives.

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In partnership with

Workshops for empowerment

The Ohpikiwin Series is a distinctive program focusing on financial empowerment for young Indigenous individuals on the path to building their dream business. The series is completely FREE, and is rooted in Indigenous values. It is designed and facilitated by Indigenous instructors, and reimagines credit and financial knowledge systems through Indigenous worldviews, including the medicine wheel and the seven sacred teachings.

The value of Ohpikiwin

A team with lived experience

Gain credit and financial knowledge through an Indigenous lens

Strengthen your financial resilience

Learn actionable steps to enhance your credit profile

Access support and resources

Discover additional resources to help you start your small business journey

Empower yourself and your community

Explore ways to contribute to the rebuilding of Indigenous economies through your own entrepreneurial journey

Hear from a previous graduate

When I took part in Ohpikiwin: journey to financial empowerment, it was great knowledge because I don’t think that we are truly taught about credit … paying bills, and making sure that those bills are also paid on time because those all affect your credit scores.

Skyler Sanderson, Founder & CEO of Young Visionary

Ohpikiwin Graduate

The Ohpikiwin Series: Journey to financial empowerment is delivered in partnership with Youth Business International and Accenture as part of our Indigenous Entrepreneur Startup Program (IESP).