#OwnersWanted Workshop

Did you know 76% of Canadian business owners are planning to exit their business over the next decade — and 54% say their biggest challenge is finding the right buyer?* #OwnersWanted is a new program that gets you ready to buy the small business of your dreams.

Your path to small business ownership

Buying a small business could be your route to success! It’s more accessible than you may think — and Futurpreneur’s #OwnersWanted program can help you get on the path to small business success.

The program is completely FREE, and if you already have a prospective seller in mind, you can both attend to get everything you need to complete the transition together.

The program offers:

  • Insights into buying an existing business
  • Access to essential acquisition resources
  • First-hand business transfer stories and practice negotiations
  • Information on Futurpreneur’s financing options for buying a business

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll know how to buy a business—and you’ll have a complete set of documents and skills you can use to close a deal!

*Source: CFIB Canada, Small Business Report, 2022