Rock My Business: A three-part workshop series

Our Rock My Business workshops can help you transform your dream into a thriving business. Register today for the free, three-part Rock My Business series, delivered by Futurpreneur with the support of Futurpreneur Foundation and RBC Future Launch.

Supported by RBC Future Launch

Supported by RBC Future Launch

RBC Rock My Business Startup Awards

Eight entrepreneurs, $10,000 each

Futurpreneur Foundation and RBC want to help you launch your startup by awarding eight young, aspiring entrepreneurs $10,000 to take their small businesses to the next level!

Each year, the following prizes of $10,000 each are awarded:

  • One Emerging Entrepreneur Award for an entrepreneur aged 30-39
  • One Emerging Black Entrepreneur Award for a Black entrepreneur aged 18-39
  • One Emerging Indigenous Entrepreneur Award for an Indigenous entrepreneur aged 18-39
  • Five Youth Entrepreneur Awards for entrepreneurs aged 18-29

Register for our upcoming workshops for the chance to apply for the RBC Rock My Business Startup Awards 2024!

Award eligibility requirements

To be considered for the 2024 awards, please ensure you meet all the following eligibility requirements:

  • Between 18 – 39 years of age.*
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Successful completion of BOTH the Rock My Business Plan and Rock My Cash Flow workshops between July 10, 2023 and May 31, 2024.
  • Successful submission of a completed business plan and cash flow statement by June 14, 2024 (following the guidelines and templates provided in the How to Apply to the RBC Rock my Business Start-Up Awards information session). Please note that the Business Plan and Cash Flow template for the Award submission is NOT the same as the Futurpreneur template. Applications received in the wrong template will not be reviewed.
  • The award cannot be used to repay existing debt; you must highlight how the award will be applied to startup costs.
  • Have not received a Futurpreneur Canada startup loan before June 14, 2023.
  • Open to pre-launch businesses (pre-revenue) and part-time or “side hustle” businesses (a business to which you devote fewer than 30 hours a week and from which you earn less than $20k in sales per year); those operating a full-time business prior to June 14, 2023 are not eligible.
  • Ineligible businesses include those operating in the following sectors: tobacco, cannabis, gambling, gaming, firearms.

*Applicants must be within the age bracket for the award on September 5, 2024. For the Youth Entrepreneur Awards, applicants must be between 18 – 29 years of age.

Are you next? Get $10,000 for your business!

Register for our upcoming workshops for the chance to apply for the RBC Rock My Business Startup Awards 2024!

Timothy Cho

Oven Theory | Mississauga, ON