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Once you start an application for mentoring and financial support from Futurpreneur Canada, you will gain access to a team of experts who can offer support in all areas relating to the start of a new business.

Our team of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have been helping entrepreneurs across Canada for years. From showing you how to develop a marketing plan to providing a crash course on business finances, they are here to make the launching of your business less overwhelming!

Meet the team

Name: Dominik Loncar
Located in: Toronto, Ontario

Dominik has started three businesses and currently runs a social purpose business. Over the past 12 years he has helped more than 200 start-ups get off the ground. He has worked with entrepreneurs from a cross section of industries, including IT, online, retail, service, and both traditional and innovation-based businesses. Dominik’s practical and down-to-earth approach helps entrepreneurs focus on the priorities that matter most.

Name: Chad Fryling
Located in: Vancouver, British Columbia

Chad has extensive experience advising, coaching and training adults in business across many different industries. He has started up a couple of businesses in the education space and has successfully managed several large, multi-million dollar construction projects. Chad is a passionate, serial entrepreneur who is excited about helping you get to the next level in business. He is known for his personable, practical, authentic approach to business planning and has helped many young entrepreneurs achieve success.

Name: Sophie Dudot
Located in: Montreal, Quebec

With a master’s degree in management, Sophie flies to Montreal to pursue her promising investment banking career started in Paris. In 2012, she refocused on local finance at Futurpreneur, to put more humanity back into her professional life. Driven by the desire to share her career path experience, she launches in 2018 her side hustle: Arborethum, a coaching company specialized in career reorientation.

With her own entrepreneurial experience and seven years of experience at Futurpreneur as a consulting analyst and then as head of partnerships, she became an entrepreneur-in-residence in 2019. She offers caring coaching and willingly shares her contacts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to encourage you to take actions.

Name: Jean-Philippe L’Écuyere
Located in: Montreal, Quebec

Jean-Philippe L’Écuyer holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a Master’s of Management Sciences from HEC Montréal, specializing in entrepreneurship. He is the author of a scientific publication on visionary leadership of entrepreneurs and is pursuing research on the topic of entrepreneurship.

Jean-Philippe has accumulated experience advising entrepreneurs and counselling management across medium and large businesses. He has developed strategic mandates for different industries and he has accompanied many entrepreneurs through the start-up, consolidation and growth phases of their businesses.

Jean-Philippe has a particular interest in the human aspects of entrepreneurship, such as the motivation and engagement entrepreneurs have around their projects, as well as what compels their business visions. As a humanist, he believes firmly that the changes that structure a society come from entrepreneurs and that economy is the engine of social project.

Business Plan Essentials: Start-up webinar series

The Futurpreneur Canada Entrepreneur-in-Residence team provides weekly webinars covering marketing, operations and finances for business start-ups. You can follow up after the webinars with one-on-one chats to help you with a specific question or challenge you may be facing.

Webinar #1
Your Idea Napkin: The 5 Step Model

Don’t just start with an Idea – start with a great idea! In this webinar our Entrepreneur’s-In-Residence will guide you through a customized process to strengthen your idea.

The webinar “Your Idea Napkin: The 5 Step Model” uses tools from The DIY Innovation ToolkitTM. Licensed by The Innographer Ltd.

Webinar #2
Writing an A+ Business Plan

Take the plunge and transform your idea into a strategy for success! In this webinar you will explore the essential components of writing a successful business plan.

Webinar #3
Marketing and Cash Flow: The Lifeline of your Business

Be a successful business owner – know the ins and outs of your business operations! In this webinar, you will learn how to build upon the strong foundations of your idea and business plan to keep your business growing strong.

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