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Holiday Shopping Guide 2017: Children and Baby

Futurpreneur | December 5, 2017

Independent retailers often stock those special, one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, when you shop at a locally-owned business, your money stays in the community and supports the home-grown artists and producers who helped make the items you purchased.

To help inspire your holiday shopping this season, we’ve compiled this list of children and baby products from some amazing Futurpreneur-supported businesses.

Little Archives Subscription Box

Little Archives Subscription Box from Little Archives

The Little Archives is a monthly art subscription box suitable for ages 5-10. Each month, Little Archives sends you all of the supplies, plus detailed instructions and exclusive links to video tutorials to complete a cool art and design project at home.

$22.95 CAD/month

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Oneberrie Bare Bundle Towels

Bare Bundle Towels from Oneberrie

Bath time is a special time. Give the gift of the only towel that adjusts with a growing baby. Simple. Smart. Stylish.

$40.00 CAD

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The Yellow Toucan Customized Map of the World

Customized Map of the World for Children from The Yellow Toucan

Hand-painted by a Calgary-based artist and printed on the finest paper, this 24” x 36” map of the world is 100% made in Canada. With a design that is the perfect balance of cute and educational, discover diversity, dream of all the places you’ll go and turn your children into globetrotters by personalizing the map with their names and faces. Your unique map will be made and shipped within days. Pin it. Frame it. Enjoy it. Plus, for every ten maps sold, The Yellow Toucan will give a free map to a local school, daycare or library.

$120.00 CAD

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snow saw

Snow Saw from C.A. Bossuyt Inc

The snow saw is a super fun toy for kids to carve out their creativity in the snow! Made in Canada out of super durable puck board. Available in red, blue, gold, black and yellow.

$18.00 CAD

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Twenty One Toys Empathy Toy at Home Set

Empathy Toy At Home Set from Twenty One Toys

Talking about empathy can only get you so far – now you can flex that empathy muscle through play-based learning! The Empathy Toy is now available for the whole family in our At-Home set. From a fun cottage game to a tool for deep discussions, this toy set will keep you talking and laughing for hours.

$149.00 CAD

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Senseez Touchables Plushy Jelly

Touchables Plushy Jelly from Senseez

Who doesn’t love a friendly jelly? This Jellyfish Plushy is made from a super soft rose swirl material that kids will love to cuddle with for hours! It is round with eight tentacles hanging from the bottom for extra sensations to touch. Rub them and dangle them over your skin.

$29.99 USD

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Volky Monsters

Furry Völky monster with a 60-activity guide from Völky Monsters!

With a Völky monster, you and your child can enjoy many activities together in five minutes or less. Happy memories guaranteed!  Völky monsters love helping out and come to us on volcanic dust. Your job is to help them return to their family. Only the energy generated by parent-child activities can help them find their way home. www.volky.ca

$24.99 CAD

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Adaptable, Reversible Girl’s Gress from ÉcoVogue

Fully reversible dress comes in only one style. The armholes are big enough to grow with your little one and become a tunic. Winter and summer alike, this sturdy dress is a must for outings. It’s two dresses in one. Made with love in Montreal.

$60.00 CAD

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Tidy Tot Bib and Tray from Nutri-Énergie 

Winner of several prizes over the past two years for its innovation, the Tidy Tot tray and bib kit quickly became the must-have item for feeding babies. It protects the baby, the high chair and the floor from food mishaps, so that you can say goodbye to stained clothing, endless laundry and constant clean-ups!

$52.00 CAD

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NeoChrome Longway Sector from Trottosphère 

High-quality, solid, light-weight freestyle scooter, for children 10 years and up.

$249.99 CAD

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Book: Le yoga au cirque: pour une meilleure conscience de son corps from Regard9

Would you like to give a child a special gift? This book will entertain children and get them moving with circus-themed yoga positions! Inside, you’ll find drawings to colour in, games, and stories! (available in French only)

$29.95 CAD (paper) or $19.95 (digital)

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LargerThanLifeGifts Personalized Growth Chart

Personalized Growth Chart from LargerThanLifeGifts.com

They grow up fast! Upload your favourite photo of your child and pick a growth chart template which best suits your photo. Mark the milestones of your child’s progression from toddler to pre-school to beyond! Be sure to select the chart colour which works best for your particular photo. Growth charts are 32″ wide by 60″ tall.

$74.99 CAD

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biscuit et cassonade

Book: Biscuit et Cassonade aiment Noël from Biscuit et Cassonade inc.

Adorable stuffed animals Biscuit and Cassonade get ready for the holidays. Despite all the work they have to do, the two brothers are thinking of only one thing: surprising Santa Claus on the most magical night of the year! The perfect book for Christmas from Les Éditions de la Bagnole, for ages 3 to 7, 32 pages, hard cover.  23 x 24 cm. (available in French only)

$14.95 CAD

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Indigo-blue Fox Sweater from Petit Deviendra Grand

Ideal for winter, this long-sleeved indigo-blue sweater has a fox’s sweet face on the front. Style and comfort guaranteed!

$19.99 CAD

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