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Spotlight on Consultica: Making Businesses Mobile

Lauren Marinigh | July 24, 2017

As a person obsessed with continuous improvement, Luc Bohunicky was easily inspired by entrepreneurship and innovation. “It’s the idea that certain people go out in the world and create things that make people’s lives better,” he explained.

Born and raised in Canada, living most of his life in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Luc’s first shot at entrepreneurship was in his fourth year of university when he became president of the student entrepreneurship group on campus called CEO Manitoba. This opportunity helped him grow his network, knowledge, skills and made a genuine impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the province. CEO Manitoba is what spring-boarded him into entrepreneurship upon graduation, especially since he had already known the people and the places that made entrepreneurship happen within his city, like Futurpreneur Canada.

It was through Futurpreneur and North Forge (formerly Startup Winnipeg) which led Luc to his now business partner, Sergii Us during a Startup Weekend event. At this event, attendees had 55 hours to launch a new company from scratch. At the end of the event Sergii and Alex (his other business partner) approached Luc with the idea of Consultica. The pair had the technical skills and the idea for a new software consultancy based on everything they learned from a previous venture they started and later sold. It was evident Luc contributed the fire they needed to make this idea a reality. “It was my job to run the business development, the brand, the sales, the marketing, the PR and really get our name out there,” Luc explained. Prior to this offer, Luc had turned down ten different job opportunities, but with Consultica it just felt right for him at this point in his life and career.

Consultica today (three years later) is a mobile app consultancy that’s working with both funded tech start-ups and enterprise clients to help them adopt and perfect their mobile-strategy. In particular, the team loves to focus on business productivity apps. “For me, it’s incredibly rewarding to see our engineering client save two hours per person, per work week of time, improving the quality of their projects by collecting better data, and have a whole bunch of millennial engineers be more excited about their job,” he shared. For Luc, he enjoys working in a service environment. He loves that when someone wants something cool built, they call him.

Starting a business that was built out of a community event, Consultica has depended on a lot of local organizations to get them to where they are today. Organizations like Futurpreneur and North Forge are only two of the many that they turned to. “It really does take a community to raise a start-up,” Luc shared. “I could write so much about how our company was impacted on a weekly basis by one or more of the organizations in our community.”

Aside from local organizations, mentorship was a huge component to Consultica’s success. Although Luc and Sergii were matched with a mentor through Futurpreneur, he also has about 20 other mentors/advisors that he turns too. These mentors are there when he’s looking for help or insight around a specific aspect of his business. “I am spoiled to be surrounded by so many people willing to invest their time and ideas to make me and my company more successful.”

Recently Luc and his team launched a mobile app that is being used daily by even his own family and friends. Consultica launched News Break in conjunction with local newspaper, the Winnipeg Free Press. The app was featured by Apple’s App Store as the number one top-trending app in the Canadian news category. A huge milestone for the company.

Planned for the remainder of 2017 and 2018, Consultica will be expanding more of their work in the United States now that they’ve built a good base in Canada and Manitoba. Secondly, Luc plans to focus on productizing and packaging a solution(s) with his team to help focus their offerings in more specific niches.

The Futurpreneur team can’t wait to see what’s up the sleeves of the masterminds behind Consultica!

Written by: Lauren Marinigh, Social Media & Content Specialist, Futurpreneur Canada