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Spotlight on FPrimeC Solutions Inc.: Helping Improve Infrastructure in Canada

Futurpreneur | May 15, 2017

Passionate doesn’t begin to describe FPrimeC Solutions Inc’s co-founder, Hamed Layssi. The McGill Ph.D. alumnus gives us insight on how he and his business partner, Dr. Farid Moradi, founded their business. Hamed is a successful licensed engineer in Ottawa that saw a need to better solutions in the assessment and creation of infrastructure in Canada. The co-founders’ experience working in a civil engineering start-up gave him not only the knowledge and expertise but the confidence to be an innovative entrepreneur in the industry.

FPrimeC Solutions can be described not only as a start-up but a leader in a unique, innovative approach to the design and implementation of structural evaluation and monitoring systems. The engineering services they offer help clients effectively evaluate and maintain their infrastructures and ultimately offer a unique approach to solving issues in a timely and cost reducing fashion. “Our innovations aim to shift the reactive procedures in the evaluation and maintenance of structures with smart proactive methods,” says Hamed.

While offering these existing services, the business duo is also looking into the future: “We are working on developing smart non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions to identify and quantify defects in structures,” says Hamed. Their new technology will provide a diagnosis in the early stages and provide owners to better and cheaper repair solutions.

But what made Hamed and Farid take the leap into starting their own business despite being already successful in previous positions? “Both my business partner and I have developed, over years, this passion for entrepreneurship, and being innovative in the area of our expertise,” says Hamed. Starting FPrimeC Solutions seemed like the next step for these entrepreneurs and since then, their innovations have become leading methods that other civil engineering companies did not see previously. “Infrastructure is the cornerstone of sustainable development,” he states. “With population growth, migration and urbanization trends, these will require continuous investment in its development”. Hamed believes that his company will help cities meet those needs as they continue to evolve.

Photo of two men inspecting bridge.

Before FPrimeC Solutions, Hamed was highly involved in engineering competitions, alongside three other classmates. Their team’s successful efforts in the concrete cube competition landed them a respectable third place award. His involvement in these challenges helped build his project management skills and gave him access to a network of professionals in the industry. After finishing his Bachelor’s, he immigrated to Canada to work on his Ph.D. studies at McGill University. While building his professional network, Hamed took the challenge to improve his interpersonal and his research and developmental skills.

However, starting a new business requires more than just an idea and passion so that’s why Hamed and Farid looked towards the Spin Master Innovation Fund for financing and mentorship. Spin Master Innovation Fund is a Futurpreneur Canada initiative, which gives young entrepreneurs the chance to compete with their innovative business idea for a chance to receive up to $50K in financing and exclusive mentoring opportunities. “The Spin Master Innovation Fund helped our business with developing our smart technology for evaluation of infrastructure facilities. Through this fund, we have been able to plan properly, hire highly skilled professionals who helped us with our research and development challenges, and the design, and production of our minimum viable product,” Hamed shared.

These talented entrepreneurs show us how the right partnerships and mentoring, along with their expertise, can create an environment for entrepreneurial success. We asked Hamed and Farid for any advice they would give to individuals looking towards entrepreneurship and here’s what they said:

“I believe many people do not enter the amazing world of entrepreneurship, simply because they are afraid. It’s true that by living as an entrepreneur, we are living through extreme uncertainties, but this is exactly what aspiring entrepreneurs should not be afraid of. To those people, my advice is to never let the fear of falling keep you from flying. If you believe you have a great idea that will solve a real problem, go for it. In doing so, always be open to new ideas, and of course, to change. Invest in yourself by reading, and learning new things every day. Be open to meet new people, and expand your network.”

Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media & Content Intern, Futurpreneur Canada