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Talking Growing Trends in Video Marketing with Twisted Frame Productions

Lauren Marinigh | March 27, 2017

Originally from Turkey, Onur Arslan earned his bachelor degree in film and television production and moved to Canada in 2003. “As soon as I arrived to Toronto I knew already this was my new home and I adjusted to the culture easily,” he shared. As a new resident of Toronto, Onur volunteered at Rogers Television and attended their video editing training program which led him to being hired as a video editor where he worked until he started Twisted Frame Productions in 2010.

Twisted Frame is a Toronto-based digital media agency that focuses on high quality animation and production. Since starting in 2010 they have produced promotional and educational videos for small to large size corporations and institutions like Bell, Interac, Trojan, Ryerson University and more. In the last three years in particular, the agency has been focusing more on medical educational and promotional video and have seen very successful results, which has led Onur to make this a primary focus moving forward.

Unlike some entrepreneurs, Onur didn’t have any previous experience in the entrepreneurial world. He started Twisted Frame with a good friend who had the technical knowledge that helped them get Twisted Frame off on the right foot. Of course, with the growing trend of online video this has definitely helped Twisted Frame as well. One of the biggest challenges that Onur mentioned having is staying on top of the latest marketing trends which are constantly changing and evolving in order to remain competitive in the industry. We chatted with Onur about the role video plays in marketing and how him and his team stay on top of new trends:

Video is becoming more and more popular in marketing, how has this trend helped you and your business?

Especially with the increasing amount of internet usage changing this trend dramatically. The television industry will change the direction in order to compete with web-based programming. Most companies and institutions have been focusing on producing web content and successful content providers will lead the market. Even advertising and marketing agencies have started following trends and focusing on web-based content more. The industry is still in transition phase and many companies are trying experimental productions to reach out to audience in better way.

How do you and your team stay on top of the latest marketing trends in order to stand out from the crowd?

This is one of the biggest challenge we face. However, we have very talented team members who follow the trend closely. When we work on projects we make sure to deliver high quality visuals with strong storytelling skills. Video is the strongest tool to tell story and getting the audience engage with the message. Visual media is one of the most competitive industry and it requires developing our skills with each projects we take.

What advice do you have for a small business looking to incorporate video into their business that may not have the finances to hire a production company? 

Statistics proves that video is the strongest way to reach clients and small businesses have to implement video to their marketing. Having a good video doesn’t always require big budget but it is important to work with professionals. Small businesses have to work with the production company closely to make sure their message is delivered to their target audience. Small businesses need to understand spending their budget on a good production will create a greater buzz than any other marketing tool. People prefer to watch one to two minute videos to understand a company than reading two pages of written materials. We understand many start-up companies struggle financially to create budget for video but considering the return and audience engagement rate, it is still most reasonable marketing tool. 

Since started Twisted Frame Productions seven years ago, Onur has overcome all odds and developed a successful business that works with high-end clients. His advice is: “Do not give up. You will face challenges in every aspect of this entrepreneurial journey, but instead of giving up, continue again and again and you will win at the end. When you run a small business everything is a challenge; getting funding, getting new clients, getting good people to work with you. But, if you believe in yourself and work hard, you will succeed at the end.”

Written By: Lauren Marinigh, Social Media & Content Specialist, Futurpreneur Canada