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The Spin!

Futurpreneur | August 10, 2011

We are excited to announce that we are moving on to the next stage of the Spin Master Innovation Fund Program, The Spin, with the following finalists:

1. Quinn Battersby, Jonathan Wong, Max Spear, Andrew Cross, Sergei Bezbordko – Goosechase Adventures, Waterloo, ON
2. Jesse Chen – Nufora Foods, Richmond, BC
3. Anne Forkutza – Domo Enterprises, Vancouver, BC
4. Guillaume Chauvette and Charles Sevigny – GCS Medical, Sherbrooke, QC
5. Michael El-Gemayel – Jellyfish Marketing, Laval, QC
6. Louis Cleroux – Battlecraft Games (Cravio), Montreal, QC
7. Eric St. Pierre & Awane Moufide Jones – Monumental Technologies, Montreal, QC
8. Gabriel Chan, Saif Altimimi – Notewagon, Kitchener, ON
9. Christopher Kang – Hygienna, Toronto, ON
10. Francis Maranda – HydroTrans, Val des Monts, QC
11. Alexey Saltykov – InsurEye, Toronto, ON

In The Spin each finalist will have 10 minutes to present their innovative business idea to a team of experienced judges as the final step in the competition. Following the presentations, the judges will determine which businesses will receive The Spin Master Innovation Fund package, which includes up to $50,000 in start-up financing, a hand-matched innovation mentor and a trip to Toronto on September 23-24 to attend the Spin Master Innovation Fund Launch Pad Workshop. For more information please visit www.spinmasterinnovationfund.com.

The Spin Master Innovation Fund encourages big ideas, and supports young entrepreneurs who seek to create sustainable and scalable businesses with national and international expansion potential. Launched in April 2011, the Spin Master Innovation Fund is a partnership between Spin Master Ltd., recognized as a global growth leader within the toy industry, and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF). As entrepreneurs themselves, the founders of Spin Master launched the fund as a way to give back to young entrepreneurs by identifying and supporting the next generation of highly innovative job creators in Canada, and further fuelling Canada’s economic growth through entrepreneurship.