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The strategy of giving back

Guest Blogger | December 4, 2012

Sidney Halpern, Chartered Accountant, Winnipeg, MB, CYBF Mentor

The most important goal of a successful business and one seldom, if ever, acknowledged in a business plan is the strategy of giving back to our community, our city and our country. Here are some ways to give back:

Physical assets – although this may be the most definable method it is not the one with the greatest benefits for the donor nor the recipient. However a target of this contribution should be established in one’s personal and professional life at the beginning of each year similar to other expenditures.

Human resources – the most effective contribution to one’s community is giving of oneself, either committing employees or family to become involved in volunteering one’s time and skills wherever needed.

Multi benefits – through even just one experience with the results of their actions or contributions, this creates a great sense of achievement and self-gratification and builds self-esteem in knowing that one has truly benefited people in their community. When this self-satisfaction and self-esteem improvement occurs multiple times it results in great morale and enhanced productivity in the workplace or in the family.

The activity also provides one with a multi-dimensional life experience from the normal narrow focus of business or career, and in the long-term builds character, improves opportunities for a successful career, and heightens the degree of happiness in one’s life.

The motivation for this activity should not be seen as “giving,” but be perceived as a symbol of the gratitude we sense for our good fortunes and out of gratitude to provide others with the opportunities to achieve our successes as well.