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Top tips for giving back this season

Guest Blogger | December 3, 2012

Rose-Marie Almond, Toronto, ON, CYBF volunteer

Choosing a way to give back to your clients and community is something that often stumps even the best managers and business owners. Here are my top tips for getting it right:

1.       Set a budget that is appropriate for your company size

Giving away thousands of dollars isn’t in the budget for most small businesses. Don’t commit to a huge cash donation before double checking that you can afford it and that your cash flow won’t be negatively affected. Remember there are other ways to give back that won’t affect your financials.

2.       The personal touch is always best

Involve your employees. Volunteering time instead of cold hard cash can make a huge difference in small community projects. This also has the benefits of helping to boost employee morale and building a more cooperative company culture.

3.       Get your customers and community involved

You don’t have to sponsor a huge charity event to let your community know that you are trying to give back. Instead ask your customers to sponsor you for a charity fun run.

Charitable giving is not always about dollar amounts, and especially not for small business owners. It’s all about supporting your community in the best way you can while also sticking within your means.