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Weekend Reading List (August)

Futurpreneur | August 25, 2017

It’s time for a roundup of some great content we found over the last few weeks online for entrepreneurs. Need a weekend read? Here is a list to power through and help motivate and inspire you this weekend.


How This Stay-At-Home Mom Turned Her Invention Into A Family Business by MeiMei Fox- Forbes

Some products we see on the market just don’t cut it to the full extent of what they promise. An issue or a problem with a certain product can spark inspiration for a new solution. This article tells the story of a stay-at-home mom that created a product that makes things easier for parents and made a family business out of it.


Engineering Magic For The Masses With PixMob CTO Vincent Leclerc by Matt Odynski- Techvibes

Montreal native Futurpreneur alumni and founder of Pixmob talks about his interactive LED product that has been featured in shows and events around the globe. This article shares his story of personal and business experiences to where he is today.


Startup uses blockchain to ensure minerals come from ethical sources by Darren Campbell- Globe and Mail

Mining has been known to be a controversial industry, especially when it came to mines that operate in war conflicted areas of the world. This article highlights a start-up, Peer Ledger, and its dedication of implementing technology that determines whether the precious metals purchased come from ethical sourcing or not.


Inventor, Entrepreneur and Inspiration for the Movie ‘Joy’ Joy Mangano Shares How to Be Successful by Rose Leadem- Entrepreneur

Joy Mangano, inventor and entrepreneur, discusses the secrets of her success. Highlighting the topics of pursuing your passion, rejection and maintaining momentum, Joy gives her best advice to young entrepreneurs who will face similar circumstances.


Happy Reading!