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Why Your Flaws Aren’t Really Your Flaws

Futurpreneur | August 1, 2017

People often like to point out flaws. In this social media age, it has given many people the power, behind their screens, to post nasty comments or suggestions to a user’s image or page. Beyond pointing out other people’s flaws, it is very common for us to point out our own. Not being smart enough. Being too short. Not having a mathematic mind. Being too messy… the list goes on.

Entrepreneurship is not necessarily about the perfect dress suit or the shiniest loafers. It’s also not about the never ending number of investors lined up because of your family connections. As professional as we should be when entering the world of business, there is no complete and simple formula to being a successful entrepreneur. In fact, the more unique and different an entrepreneur is, the more it will translate into their business and how their audience connects with them.

Flaws are described as negative and as disfigurements (whether that be literal or figurative) and most people will name them and then let them rule their everyday. As an entrepreneur, you have two choices when it comes to flaws and chasing your dreams. You can accept what you aren’t and either change them or build a dream that doesn’t ask you to be someone that you aren’t, or you can constantly doubt yourself for what you aren’t and what you will ‘never’ be.

It’s up to every entrepreneur to make this decision and if your choice is the latter, keep these things in mind.

Accept your flaws

The sooner you do this, the more time you will give yourself to grow. If you consider public speaking one of your flaws, accept that. It is pretty common and it does not make you less of a capable person or entrepreneur. The most important part of accepting one’s flaws is by realizing that everyone has them. There is not perfect human being and if there were, would it make us unique in any way?

Decide whether or not you can change them

Accepting that you and everyone else around you have flaws is the first step. The next step is to understand that there are always thing you can improve and things that you simply can’t change about yourself. For example, if you tend to have a disorganized desk and you like it that way, you do not necessarily have to change that fact for the sake of being perfect. If you need to have a meeting with clients or coworkers, you can find another spot for meetings (coffee shop, office meeting rooms, skype) and keep your desk solely for working. Otherwise, if it is getting out of hand, you can always read and watch content geared to help disorganized people get organized. Once you get into the habit of things, you can find yourself a lot more organized. When it comes to things you may not be able to change, there are solutions to help manage them. For example, if you are dyslexic and math is not your strongest subject, you can always consult in an accountant or use accounting softwares that can aide you in this important aspect of business.

Use them to your advantage and create an action plan

As an entrepreneur, you often have to know a little about everything, but it is unlikely you will be good at everything. If you are struggling with public speaking, take a class or practice every night in front of a mirror. If you are struggling with organization, look up tips on how to get organized. If you are struggling with the marketing aspect of your business, read new materials or network with people in that industry who can help. Some skills come naturally to people, but most of them time, when someone takes extra precaution to improve on something, they end up being one of the best. For example, King George VI had a speech impediment and despite this, with coaching and daily practicing, he was able to deliver one of the most powerful speeches during WWII.

Your flaws are not really flaws

Everyone is different and everyone has flaws. Whether or not you let them stop you from pursuing your dreams is up to you. Own them and make them part of your brand. People will be inspired by them and will believe in your product or service. They will believe in the mission and vision and will speak volumes of you to their family, friends and colleagues.

The world is constantly changing and it is becoming more welcoming to differences. Be emergent in the way you conduct your business and be unique. The only flaw you can really ever have is holding yourself back with your doubts.

Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media and Content Intern, Futurpreneur Canada