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Advice for building something great

Futurpreneur | November 20, 2012

In late 2009, Mischa Steiner-Jovic founded Awesense Wireless Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the vision of increasing energy efficiency in electrical grids. The company is dedicated to providing utilities with intuitive, affordable tools to reduce all types of power losses from overloading to fraud and everything in between.

Today Awesense provides systems to utility companies worldwide and Mischa had the following tips about how to start and build something great:

Love what you do. Being passionate about your idea and business will help you work through the tough times. If you’re not excited when you wake up in the morning, you might not be doing something you love.

Solve a real problem. Using and building technology to solve problems is great; just make sure you’re providing solutions to something that actually needs solving.

Test your theory. You should constantly be testing your theories and presumptions about your business model; in short, A/B test everything if you can.

Talk to your (potential) customers. There is nothing better than feedback from your potential customers and existing customers to help enhance your business. Use their feedback to guide you. Even companies that appear to have a crystal ball listen to their users and customers and I recommend you do some listening too.