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Advice for introducing new technology

Guest Blogger | November 6, 2012

Henry Dunfield, HD Energy Inc., Calgary, AB, CYBF Mentor

My experience has been that bringing in some new technology for your office or organization can be much more awkward and difficult than most of us would ever think. The challenge seems to be in getting the whole organization to commit to using it. Often what we, as owners, find nifty and fun is not as interesting to the staff. They simply have work to get done and are comfortable doing what they have always done.

Learning a new software product takes time and effort. Often the short-term benefits are questionable once the cost of getting the team up to speed is figured in, so be sure the product is something you are committed to supporting and pushing for quite a while. If management does not stay focused on encouraging the use of the product, it will likely become a relict lost on the server along with numerous other flashes of technology brilliance.

The lesson here is to be cautious about introducing new software products unless you are committed to a long-term support program, and prepared to be the champion or have a key person be the champion of the this new effort.