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Flexibility means ‘transferable skills’ and ‘work-life balance’

Guest Blogger | May 15, 2012

Sidney Halpern, Chartered Accountant, Winnipeg, MB, CYBF Mentor

Flexibility in the workplace is vital for success. There are many facets to flexibility but I will discuss what I believe to be the two most important – transferable skills and work-life balance.

To continue growing your career, it’s important to focus on building skills that are transferable and help you to succeed in diverse environments. A single-focused skill may become obsolete as needs in the marketplace evolve. When the skill becomes obsolete, the position is at risk of becoming outdated as well. Stay relevant by gaining transferable skills.

The second important element of flexibility is achieving balance between your personal and professional life. Be sure that you commit to both the work and other segments of life – whether that be family, community building through volunteer involvement, sports or the arts. Maintaining balance keeps you well-rounded and stimulated. It also helps you to perform better in your job and can enhance your ability to consider situations from many different perspectives.

Through my own professional experience, I have seen time and again that flexibility in terms of transferable skills and work-life balance breeds success.