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When to Take the Leap and Start Your Own Business

Futurpreneur | November 27, 2014

Cindy Tran, Owner Operator, Sweet Petite Confectioner, Vancouver, BC

“Today is the day I am going to start my ___________ business… wait, no… tomorrow I will start it.” This was usually the conversation that began in my mind when I was having a challenging and unfulfilling day at my job. It would also happen when I had a great business idea and wanted to get on to implementing the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to start it. My momentum would skyrocket then meander into a shelved ‘project’ for another day. This went on for a few years. Now that I am into the first year of business (yes, I survived my first year) I look back at what it was that held me back for so long and why, and more importantly why I finally decided to take the leap.

The fear of instability and losing that 9-5 job with a regular pay cheque, and the fear that the idea and business would fail are common concerns. Regardless of the excuses that came up, I realized it all was fear itself and fearing the unknown. At the heart of it, I was not willing to change my situation due to my comfort level or until the situation was no longer comfortable and I had to make a change.

Personally, being able to be open and honest about what I would commit to first and starting to research the industry I wanted to be in, then writing it all down was a good indicator I was on my way.  It helps put to rest some of the fears that I had about what the marketplace looked like and who were my competitors, hence what were my niche/competitive edge. This also led to other networks and resources that were available to help me get on the right path, and assured me that I didn’t have to figure it all out myself, mitigating some of that risk I felt.  I would also recommend that it’s not worth doing a reality check with family, friends and work colleagues as they will always be there to do so. Instead to do a check in with those who are doing business and supportive as championing your growth and motivation (Ex. mentorship was a great support in this area).

Having a business is an amazing experience because it represents the freedom of decisions, you are the boss and doing something that is an extension of yourself is rewarding to your own merits.  It is hard work and your comfort level is challenged regularly, but it’s all for yourself and not building someone else’s dream.  It’s never time sensitive to taking the leap, but it definitely helps to take small leaps by addressing those concerns, asking those that are in the know, and planning for it.  Then the leap just feels more like walking into actually doing the business.

Sweet Petite Confectioner is a dessert catering company based in Vancouver, BC that came from my passion to serve up memorable edibles that literally left a sweet impression.  It is a concept that marries collaboration with other bakers and pastry chefs with innovative dessert products and services that make the experience an exceptional one.