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Marketing Effectively Using Mobile Technology

Futurpreneur | July 4, 2014

Christiana Mbazigwe, Duric Business Solutions, Toronto, ON, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor

Marketing is a creative and lucrative industry. Effective marketing is crucial for the efficient flow of goods and services from the producers to consumers. The field of marketing is still evolving, making marketing a very dynamic function in business. The world has become a “global village” through globalization and internet technology. As a result, business environments have become more vibrant, without borders.

No matter your geographical location on the earth, with internet connection on your mobile phone, you can conveniently conduct business anywhere, any time. Mobile technology has given marketers a cutting-edge and golden opportunity to scale up their businesses. The traditional way of marketing has faced challenges because of the shift created by internet technology. “Mobile Marketing” is evolving and is here to stay. Marketers have been leveraging the internet technology and maximizing the opportunity to their advantage in reaching a wider target market for their products. Entrepreneurs and business owners have to adapt to this innovative change in order to succeed in the marketplace.

The effective use of mobile technology in marketing suggests that the leading inventors and innovators in the industry have foresight, and have created a consumer-friendly mobile engagement opportunity for marketers. Research has shown that more people in the future will be accessing websites via their cell phones as opposed to desktops and laptops. Also, studies show that users prefer mobile games, social media, maps and music in the form of an app, as opposed to a web based interaction. In recent times, you hardly see anyone without a mobile phone, especially youth, which shows a huge mobile marketing opportunity for this demographic.

There are various ways you can use mobile technology in your business to increase sales. Incorporating mobile technology into your marketing strategy offers numerous benefits for your business including increasing revenue and efficiency, decreasing costs, creating a competitive advantage, easing the stress of buying and selling, fostering safe and secure business transactions, facilitating business or product mobility, scaling of business. Overall, mobile technology can help support business growth and success.