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Monday Morning Resource – Marketing across borders

Futurpreneur | November 21, 2011

Founded in 2010 by Valérie Archambault, Mathieu Archambault and Olivier Réglat, VIONEC Technologies in Laval, Quebec owns the marketing rights of Viscoline, an online viscosity measurement instrument.

To market the product, the young entrepreneurs developed a partnership with the North American branch of the German company KROHNE, located in Boston. “They have exclusive right to distribute our product in the United States and this gives us access to a great network. In return, we also sell their equipment,” says Valérie Archambault, Vice-president, Finances and Administration Director.

These young entrepreneurs offer advice to others working to sell products outside the country:

  • Do business with an internationally-established bank. This will simplify and guarantee everything related to exchange rates and will protect transactions with foreign countries.
  • Surround yourself with the right people, notably in the legal and accounting fields; stay well-informed and be aware of international developments and market conditions.
  • Work with well-recognized shipping companies. They can be your key to your success because they provide information, customized advice and insurance.
  • Establish lasting relationships with distributors located across borders that can help you further extend the marketing capacity of your business. They have with their inherent knowledge of the market and strong networks that can benefit you.

The partnership concluded with KROHNE allows VIONEC Technologies to further extend its marketing capacities and its business network. “This visibility is invaluable for us and we have every reason to believe that Viscoline holds great potential for the future,” says Mathieu Archambault, CEO of the business.